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Programs & Projects

Design Coalition Institute coordinates seven technical assistance programs in support of "Green" communities. Scroll down to see quick introductions to each program, links to more information, and example projects.
Priority Initiative 2019 - 2015:
The Future of Housing

Three strategies toward safe, healthy, accessible, energy-efficient housing for households of all configurations. More....


Participatory Community Planning & Design
Our approach to public participation includes workshops that help residents learn the language of community development so they are better prepared to participate in decisions that effect their community. More....


Partnerships in "Indian Country"
Yes, things are different in "Indian Country." We learned the truth of that the first time we responded to a request for technical assistance from one of our neighboring First Nations. We learn more every time we engage with Tribal Housing and Planning professionals, and we are always glad to learn more. More....


Service Learning & Action Research
When students, faculty, professionals, and residents collaborate to address community issues, everybody learns, and everybody benefits. More....


Sustainability Indicators
& Sustainable Community Analysis

We work with neighborhood groups, tribal governments, and local governments to facilitate participatory approaches to planning a course toward a sustainable future, and tracking progress along the way. More....


Community Service
Our public participation approach to planning and design asks residents to stay informed and engage in decision-making processes that effect their communities. We "walk the walk" by volunteering our professional skills for "Green Communities" projects in and around our community, the City of Madison, Wisconsin. More....


Participatory Program Development & Evaluation
We work with leaders from grassroots organizations to develop ways they can use their "insiders" knowledge for program development, fund-raising, tracking, evaluation, and reporting. More....

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