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How "Green" Is It?

An important part of Design Coalition Institute's mission is developing and disseminating educational materials to assist civic, neighborhood, tribal, and local government groups with the planning, design, and construction of "Green" homes, facilities, neighborhoods, and communities.
We invite anyone to view, download, and disseminate the materials on this website, including the materials described below, which will give newcomers a sense of what our team means when we talk about "Green."

If you would like assistance organizing a "Green Communities" event, we will be glad to hear from you.
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How Green Is It Postcard

How "Green" Is It?
View and download this "Refrigerator Magnet" type reminder, which asks 5 questions to help guide decision-making for "Green" purchases, from daily goods and services to construction materials for building a "Green" home. This pdf is one page with 4 postcard size copies to print, cut, and distribute to friends, family, and colleagues.

DOWNLOAD: "How Green Is It?" (400K pdf)

Great Lakes Inter Tribal Council Map

"Green Matrix" of Housing Alternatives
View and download a chart comparing 28 characteristics of different types of housing. Neighborhood groups may use this chart to spark discussion about what type of housing might contribute to your community's goals for a Sustainable Future.

Comparing Features of "Green" Housing Alternatives
(60K pdf)

Thoughts on Sustainable Construction

Visit a thoughtful essay written by our colleagues and co-instructors at Design Coalition Architects about the difference between energy-efficient, resource-efficient, low-toxin, and 'Natural' or low-impact construction, and how "Green" construction is all that, and more.
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