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Participatory Community Planning & Design

Design Coalition Institute practices a "hands-on" workshop approach to public participation in the preservation and development of community resources. Our approach combines the science of GIS mapping technology with low-tech activities that invite community members to identify places that are important to the social, historical, cultural, and economic vitality of their community. Additional workshop activities are designed to help residents develop a shared understanding of issues and consensus about goals and strategies for the future.
Design Workshop
Photos from a workshop in South Chicago, IL
We use the results of these participatory processes to produce reports that illustrate the community's values, preferences, and "vision" for the future. These reports are useful for informing "Smart Growth" and comprehensive planning policies. We prepare these reports to be useful "Workbooks" that will help residents evaluate proposed preservation, development, or re-development projects, and help them communicate the results of their evaluation to decision-makers.
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Below are links to reports from Participatory Community Planning & Design Projects
Download Reports:
DOWNLOAD (1.5 M pdf)
"Envisioning the Future of Cross Plains:
Summary Report and Community Design Evaluation Workbook"

This is a copy of the illustrated report and workbook from a participatory planning process for "Smart Growth" and Comprehensive Planning for a small commuter village West of Madison WI. It includes a preface that overviews the partnership building process and a description of the "Tool Kit" of participatory activities.
Cross Plains
A workshop in The Village of Cross Plains, WI

DOWNLOAD (1.5 M pdf)
"Milwaukee Street Community Design Evaluation Workbook
 & Summary of the 'Visualize the Issues' Process"

This is a copy of the illustrated report and workbook from a participatory planning process focused on a potential infill development in an established neighborhood in Madison WI. It includes a description of the of the participatory process and activities.
Milwaukee St Workshop
A workshop in Madison WI

Eco-Cultural Land Use Planning in "Indian Country"

Over the years we've partnered with colleagues from several of the First Nations in Northern Wisconsin and learned about the unique challenges of land use planning on sovereign Native American lands. In response, we developed a participatory mapping process that allows residents to determine "where to build and where not to build" without disclosing locations of sensitive natural and cultural resources.
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A workshop in the Red Cliff Ojibwe community

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