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Cohousing at Union Corners

Cohousing on the East Side
of Madison Wisconsin!

The prospect of Cohousing at Union Corners
is attracting potential home buyers to this
intentionally-welcoming neighborhood
on the near East Side of Madison. Join us now
to secure your unit and participate in the decision-
making process!

Cohousing: What gets built depends on who shows up!

Plans to date call for TWO complementary "Sister" cohousing communities side-by-side on the Southeast corner of this mixed-use neighborhood redevelopment site, just 2 1/2 miles from the state capital. Both cohousing communities will include between 30 and 40 privately-owned units and a variety of commonly-owned amenities.

So far "Sister West" will be a three-story, multi-family building. So far "Sister East" will include a combination of townhouses and multi-family buildings.

Technical assistance workshops for prospective owners-occupants are planned for early 2015. Discussions about multi-generational and senior-friendly units; affordability; pets; and types of common areas will help you and your future cohousing neighbors find the best fit for your unique needs and preferences.

This is an opportunity to make a vibrant, intentionally-welcoming, East Side Cohousing community your home. Join us!

For more information contact: Susan@DesignCoalition.org  or  JSteines@gmail.com.
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Design Coalition Inc., of Madison. Wisconsin's only not-for-profit architecture group, since 1972.
Katie McCamant, Co-Author of "The Book" on Cohousing & Principal at Cohousing Partners Inc.
The City of Madison's "Futures Fund."
The New Harvest Foundation.
The Evjue Foundation, the charitable arm of the Capital Times.


NEW! All City of Madison public libraries now have copies of "The Book" on cohousing!

"Cohousing balances privacy and independence with the benefits of living in community. This completely revised and updated third edition of the “cohousing bible” invites readers into these sustainable neighborhoods, and provides practical tools for developing their own."

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Many thanks to grants from the New Harvest Foundation and the Evjue Foundation, the charitable arm of the Capital Times.

Links to cohousing communities in Madison, courtesy of Design Coalition Inc. Architects:

"Village CoHousing"

In 1991, Design Coalition held a series of workshops to introduce cohousing to the Dane County area. Three core groups formed immediately. One group kept going strong, 'The Village' Cohousing group. In 1997 the group began moving forward in earnest, working with Design Coalition architects to design the project, get city approvals, contract with housing consultants and builders, and begin building.


"Arboretum CoHousing"

The Arboretum Cohousing group held their first get-together in early 2003. Soon after, the group began planning in earnest. As the design architects, Design Coalition brought cohousing planning and design expertise to the table for these early stages of the process, developed the concept through several iterations, and helped the group successfully navigate the months-long City approval process.

Design Coalition Institute, Inc. 2088 Atwood Ave. Madison WI. 53704 › 608.246.8846 › InstituteDirector@DesignCoalition.org