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Partnerships In "Indian Country"

The "Green Communities & Affordable Green Housing in Indian Country initiative"©

We are always glad to work in partnership with First Nations Tribal Planning and Housing Offices
across the Upper Midwest. Recent partnership projects include:               
   • Participatory land use planning for eco-cultural preservation & development
   • Participatory workshops for eco-solar community, masterplan, and site design
   • Planning and design for "Green" community facilities
   • Planning and design for "Affordable Green Housing"
   • Hands-on job training in "Green Construction" for tribal housing staff and local builders
   • Professional development seminars and workshops for decision makers
   • First Nations Sustainable Futures Analysis Workbook & Unmet Needs Study

Our programs & recent partnership projects are described below.
If you think our "Green Communities & Affordable Green Housing in Indian Country" programs might be useful
in your community, we would be glad to hear from you. Forward to our "Contact Us & Invitation" page >>

Introduction to an Eco-Cultural Land Use Planning Process
Over the years we've partnered with colleagues from several of the First Nations in Northern Wisconsin and learned about the unique challenges of land use planning on sovereign Native American lands. In response, we developed a participatory mapping process that allows residents to determine "where to build and where not to build" without disclosing locations of sensitive natural and cultural resources.

If you would like to learn more about this process, forward to our "Eco-Cultural Land Use Planning" page >>

Eco-Cultural & Solar Community, Masterplan, and Site Design

Our first partnership in "Indian Country" was in 2002, at the invitation of the Director of Planning at the Red Cliff Nation. We have been invited back several times over the years to assist with a variety of community preservation and development projects. Since then we have responded to requests for assistance from several other First Nations communities in the Upper Midwest.

DOWNLOAD an illustrated report about our partnerships
with the Red Cliff Nation (2M pdf).

The "Green Multi-Generational House"

This is a healthy, affordable, energy efficient, and culturally responsive idea for First Nations families, or any multi-generational family. We invited staff from three Tribal Housing Offices and the award-winning architects at Design Coalition to act as consultants on this project after learning about the disconnect between conventional single-family homes and the preferences of families in several of our neighboring First Nations.
DOWNLOAD a poster about the "Green Multi-Generational House" (260K pdf).

Learn more about "Ecological Design" with our colleagues at >>

The Affordable Natural Home in Indian Country       
& "Northern Light Straw-Clay" Construction Technology


We developed this program in response to requests for assistance with "healthy" homes. This tech-transfer program includes professional development workshops for decision-makers and on-the-job training for housing staff, local builders, and local artisans.
Learn more about our international research and tech-transfer initiative at our "Northern Light Straw-Clay" page >>
and -The Affordable Natural House >>

Sustainable Futures Budget Analysis Workbook

Design Coalition Institute partners with tribal and local governments to prepare a comprehensive analysis of goals and budgets to assist with decision making for a sustainable future. 

For an overview of our recent "Sustainable Futures" partnership with with the Lac du Flambeau Nation, forward to our "Sustainable Futures Budget Analysis" page >>

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