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Sustainability Indicators
& Sustainable Futures Budget Analysis Workbook


How does a community track progress and prioritize budget allocations across multiple projects and programs if the long-term goal is a "Sustainable Future"?
We help answer that question by working with communities to identify goals, and systematically track progress toward those goals with "Sustainability Indicators" and "Sustainable Futures Budget Analysis Workbook." An introduction to the ideas and overviews of two projects are below.

If you think your community would benefit from assistance with a "Sustainable Futures Analysis" process, we will be glad to hear from you. Forward to our "Contact Us & Invitation" page >>

Over the years we've responded to many requests for assistance with comprehensive planning, "Smart Growth," and "Envisioning the Future" projects (see our "Participatory Community Planning & Design page). We've also responded to many requests for assistance with "grassroots" program development and evaluation (see our "Participatory Program Development and Evaluation" page.). Those two technical assistance programs meet in our "Sustainable Futures Analysis" programs.
Our "Neighborhood Sustainability Indicators" program is useful for community groups, while our "Sustainable Futures Budget Analysis Workbook" is useful for municipalities. Overviews of these two programs and links to illustrated examples from recent partnerships, are included below.

Sustainability Indicators:
A Participatory Process


Design Coalition Institute coordinates participatory processes with neighborhood and civic groups to plan and systematically track progress toward a sustainable future.

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Sustainable Futures Budget Analysis Workbook

We developed this participatory "Sustainable Futures Analysis" process and "Sustainable Futures Budget Analysis Workbook" to assist elected officials with decision-making for long-term Sustainable Futures goals.

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