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Professional Development
Seminars & Workshops

Professional Development Seminars & Workshops

We are frequently asked to conduct professional development seminars and workshops for elected and appointed officials, planning and design professionals, and "grassroots" nonprofit and community groups. Follow the links below to review some of our slideshows, handouts, workbooks, and other professional education materials.
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missing middle of housing

"Filling the 'Missing Middle' of Housing"

These live peer-to-peer webinars include presentations, case studies, panel discussions, and moderated Q&A sessions with professionals who have participated in successful code update initiatives, and award-winning design/build professionals who have completed a variety of "missing middle" housing projects.
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"Documenting Intangible Outcomes"
The founder of Design Coalition Institute, Dr Susan Thering, began developing, testing, publishing, and teaching methods for documenting "intangible outcomes" in 2001, when she observed the growth in the effectiveness of "grassroots" organizations as they engaged in participatory community planning and design processes. She conducts workshops on the topic for state agencies, nonprofit, and community organizations.
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design workshop

"Participatory Community Planning & Design"
As academic practitioners, we both practice and teach participatory community planning and design methods and processes. We produce workshops and seminars for professionals and for elected and appointed officials who are charged with public participation in community planning and design processes.
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"Sustainability Indicators"
Our approach to "Sustainability Indicators" combines our participatory program evaluation methods with participatory community planning and design processes. We produce workshops and seminars for elected and appointed officials and community groups who are interested in learning this approach to tracking their progress toward a sustainable future.
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Professional Development Workshops" >>

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