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researching and building with light straw-clay for over 20 years

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Our Mission & Values was founded by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals dedicated to "Light Straw-Clay" (LSC) material science and construction technology. Our mission is to increase the availability, affordability, buildability, reliability, and energy performance of structures built with unadulterated natural materials, including sustainably harvested straw, clay, and wood.

Over the past 20 years our partnership has generated support from multiple agencies and organizations* for a wide variety of research, development, and information dissemination initiatives, including:

  • Scientific testing of the thermal, moisture, structural and fire-resistant properties of LSC.
  • Developing labor-saving equipment to produce LSC material to performance specifications.
  • Developing architectural and engineering details for maximum energy performance.
  • Producing hands-on, on-the-job, contractor training workshops
  • Disseminating scientifically sound information about LSC in publications and conferences.
  • Collaborating with practitioner-researchers from across the US, Canada, and Europe

* We are grateful for support from the US Department of Agriculture Rural Development; US Department of Housing and Urban Development; US Department of Agriculture Forest Products Research Laboratories; Enterprise Foundation Green Communities; The Ira and Ineva Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Foundation; University of Wisconsin-Madison; University of Wisconsin-Extension and multiple civic-minded individuals.


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