Barrier-free Design


Universal deisgn is also know as barrier-free design. This area of design accomodates the hysical characteristics for all ages and abilities for a fully usable home.. The 'Main House' and the family room 'Connector" are fully accessible.

One example of universal design is shown in the drawing below, a bathroom design featured in our booklet "The Accessbile Bathroom." Except for details such as the location of the window and mirror, this bathroom is very similar to the one in the Affordable Natural House.

In our bathroom (right) , the whole floor area is clear for the use of a wheelcair. The waterproofed floor tile has a built-in floor drain and no shower stall "lip" to get in the way. Hidden in the walls behind the tile is sturdy wooden blocking for future installation of grab bars. The cotton curtain hangs from chains and a curved ceiling-mounted track.

international symbol of access












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