Green Generation House
High Performance Natural Home

The Green Generation House concept is a high performance, natural home designed to create healthier, more affordable, and more culturally accommodating homes for Wisconsin's Tribes. Design Coalition is designing two versions of the home that will allow for extended families -- generations -- to live and function comfortably under one roof. We're collaborating with Dr. Susan Thering of the University of Wisconsin-Extension and our tribal partners, with support via a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture.

In order to accommodate this way of living, careful attention needs to be given to building accessibility and the flexibility required for complex and constantly changing family life. Major features include a traditional eastern entry, six bedrooms, a large multi-cook kitchen, and dining for at least twelve. Also incorporated into the larger of the two designs is a double-height oval living space, reminiscent of shape of the wigwam which was historically central to tribal life for centuries. This space serves as a central gathering space while providing natural daylight and passive solar heating. Our high-performance straw-clay construction integrated with advanced framing uses natural materials to create thermal comfort, energy efficiency, and a healthy interior environment.

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computer rendering

Above: Computer rendering of the passive solar Green Generation House.

close-up of oval windows Above: Close-up of the oval-shaped central gathering space with outdoor patio.