Interpreting an

"Intentionally Welcoming Community"

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An Arts Event & Temporary Art Installation at the Union Corners Cohousing Site

The Challenge: Adopting the motto "An Intentionally Welcoming Community" is not enough to overcome the uncertainty or even fear that some people in historically marginalized groups live with every day. Our challenge is to interpret and represent the idea of "Intentionally Welcoming" to ourselves and to others in two and three dimensional arts and performance arts. The intention is explicitly anti-discrimination of all kinds.

The Competition: A diverse panel will identify artists/arts groups to perform or display art in public places and during public events. Artists/arts groups will be awarded $300 to $500 each to install temporary art pieces on the future site of an "Intentionally Welcoming" Cohousing neighborhood at Union Corners on East Washington Ave (minimum of 4 awards totaling $,1600). Up to twenty artists/arts groups will be selected to perform Spoken Word, skits, or music. Up to fifty artists/arts groups will be invited to display two and three-dimensional art in the Hops Museum on East Washington Ave, the Madison Children's Museum downtown, and other locations around the city.

The Timeline: The public events will take place the first weekend of October 2015.

  • Proposals for temporary outdoor installations are due by 5:00 pm, August 22nd.
  • Finalists will be notified by September 1st.
  • Proposals for performance arts are due by 5:00 pm, September 10th.
  • Invitations will be sent to finalists by September 15th.

Two and three-dimensional art pieces will be accepted at Design Coalition Institute office between Noon and 5:00 pm September 18th. To arrange a dropoff, or if youhave questions, please email Youth groups are especially welcome.

Submission Guidelines for Download (PDF)
Performing Art 2D and 3D Art Large Installation

The Site: The land now known as Union Corners was originally the homeland of the HoChunk people. During the US Civil War the land was a staging grounds for the Union Army. Over the centuries it was home to various commercial and industrial enterprises. The site is now vacant, but will soon house a clinic, a grocery store, several smaller businesses and offices, and up to 300 units of housing, including an "Intentionally Welcoming" Cohousing neighborhood. There's also a slide tour of the site.

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Some Questions about "Intentionally Welcoming": How do you define an "Intentionally Welcoming Community"? One definition offered by a resident is: "I can come into a space with any of the multiple identities that I embody and feel recognized and welcomed." How do others define "Intentionally Welcoming"? What makes me feel safe and welcome? What makes others feel safe and welcome? How do we all expand our identity circles? How can we improve our practice of welcoming and intentionality within our neighborhood and our city?

Sponsors and Supporters: This event is sponsored by Design Coalition Institute, in partnership with the Witness Tree Artists Collaborative; the Urban League of Greater Madison; Movin' Out; Freedom Inc.; and Call for Peace/A New People Emerge, with support from Cohousing at Union Corners; the City of Madison; the Hops Museum; and the Madison Children's Museum. We welcome additional partnerships and supporters, tax deductible donations, gift merchandise, and gift certificates to help with awards and expenses. Contact


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