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Check out a history of cohousing in Madison on Design Coalition's website


Cohousing Tools

Cohousing Tools are worksheets and design & planning aids created by Design Coalition in the early '90's, in the course of working with newly-formed cohousing core groups in the south-central Wisconsin area. The groups have found them helpful. There are currently some 22 documents to choose from, covering Budgeting, Site, Design & Programing, and General group management.

In working with groups, our goal is to make the process of development as understandable and "transparent" as possible. We intend to continue to add to the "toolbox" as our projects progress. The Cohousing Tools on the the Design Coalition websites are PDF's and available for downloading.

Today there are many resources available to groups attempting to develop a project — the national Cohousing Network is a great example.

Here's one example customized for Union Corners, the Info Worksheet (PDF) that we're using to gather preferences from interested core group members...


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