The Site

Union Corners (red oval) is located about two miles northeast of the State Capitol building, at the intersection of East Washington Avenue and Milwaukee Street. Originally occupied by early Ho Chunk peoples, the area was used during the Civil War as an encampment for Union soldiers readying to board trains for the front. More recently until the early 2000's, the 11-acre area contained a battery factory, a diner, a few homes and small businesses, and a large grocery store. For an eye-level photo tour, see the video below.

Gorman Co. site plan 2014
The image above summarizes the overall site as proposed by Gorman & Company as of late -2014, with two cohousing communities shown in the lower portion, south of Winnebage Street. Construction of larger development is expected to begin in early 2015, with the UW clinic proceeding first. See video below of Ted Matkom of Gorman & Co.

Two Sisters

Roll your mouse over to see Sister West and Sister East...

Zooming in, the image above shows an early concept (mid-2014) for two cohousing communities, each occupying roughly one half of the triangular site. Both communities feature gardening space and share a curved parking lot between. As currently conceptualized (early 2015), each community imagines about 30 to 40 units each:

SIster West: a 3-story apartment-like building with under-building parking and first floor common space. The MESCoH group is working directly with Gorman & Co. to develop the project.

Sister East: 2-story courtyard-style townhomes, with some apartments above and nearby the common space, and surface parking. This core group is working with the Design Coalition team of designers and consultants.

These views and the video below are first-blush renderings of how the 2 communities might lie on the land...

birdseye from northwest birdseye looking southerly
birdseye view from northwest, over Sister West Sister East to the left, Sister West to the right
street level view looking south down Winnebago Street
street level view looking south from Milwaukee Street ... ... and closer, looking south down Winnebago Street
cross from the apartments courtyard townhouses and balconies
street level view directly across from the apartment blocks courtyard view into Sister East, from the Common House
common house with solar lane from parking lot
view from the courtyard towards the Common House view walking between townhouses & the Common House

(above) Lou describes early site and building concepts for the two sister communities.


For some recent history of the Union Corners site, neighborhood involvement, links to the City's RFP process and so on, visit the SASY neighborhood association website

(above)Ted Matkom of Gorman & Co. speaks about their plans and schedule (October 2014).

(below) A photo tour around the Union Corners site (no audio). From April 2011, but the area still looks pretty much same in early 2015, before construction is due to begin in Spring...


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