Spring Workshop, May 2002

The Spring 2002 workshop focused on the integration of natural home-building systems. We built a straw-clay wall including the formwork, installed hydronically heated earth flooring and practiced plastering with stabilized earthen mixes.

the whole group poses on the scaffolding
The Workshop Group

Mark doesn't like Norway Maples

Evening lectures explored sustainable urban landscaping with Mark Ludwig and sustainably harvested wood products from the Sustainable Wood Cooperative.

Douglas with Ruthie looking on Exploring the science of clay slip and earthen plasters with Douglas Piltingsrud.
Jack pitchforks the straw After the mechanical mixer kept clogging up, Jack Speer mixes straw-clay the old fashioned reliable way.

huddling against the cold

We huddle in the cool evening air, studying an alternative wastewater treatment systems for a country home with Chuck Learned.

Laura perched for a high angle Laura of Downtown Dailies shoots footage for the instructional video.

trio plastering at the childcare space

Plastering crew works to perfect their technique on a topcoat made with kaolin clay.

John troweling a base layer

John smooths an earthen floor slab.

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