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Sculptures by Sid Boyum

Examination Reports by the Friends of Sid Boyum Sculpture Project
and Tony Rajer, Art Conservator

Monumental Oriental Head

Artist: Sid Boyum, 1914-1991
Date: active: 1966-1991
Dimensions: 110" x 45" x 78"
Media: painted cast concrete
Condition: structurally sound with minor cracks
Examination Date: 7/30/99
Examiners: Jennifer Wetterau and Tony Rajer
Description: Immense cast concrete head in red having elongated ears, surmounted by a highly decorative crown painted silver. The head sculpture rests on a square base embodying eight bas-reliefs of zodiac signs, and is preceded by a l ow-lying square frame supporting ten cast concrete owls. This is one of the most important sculptures by Sid Boyum. It should be noted that when moving the object the owl base will likely separate from the head.