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Sculptures by Sid Boyum

Examination Reports by the Friends of Sid Boyum Sculpture Project
and Tony Rajer, Art Conservator

Title: Gnome

Artist: Sid Boyum, 1914-1991
Date: active: 1966-1991
Dimensions: 72" x 50" x 50"
Media: painted cast concrete
Condition: soiled
Examination Date: 7/30/99
Examiners: Mike Sandbothe and Tony Rajer
Description: Green pigmented cast concrete sculpture having a pear-shaped form making up the body of the work, rising into abstraction with three tentacle-like tubular forms of differing heights, and crowned with red and yellow caps, at the top. The focal point of the work is a relief on the body of a smiling bearded man crowned with a floral pattern of red and yellow.