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Sculptures by Sid Boyum

Examination Reports by the Friends of Sid Boyum Sculpture Project
and Tony Rajer, Art Conservator

The Mouth of Hell

Artist: Sid Boyum 1914-1991
Date: active: 1966-1991
86" x 98" x 81"
Media: painted cast concrete
Condition: soiled
Examination Date: 7/30/99
Examiners: Erin Hammeke, Jill Wamboldt and Tony Rajer
Description: Wooden shack-like structure painted red. The entrance to the structure is a free form concrete face with orange, blue, white, and red detailing; a large open mouth of red acts as the doorway. Inscriptions on the archway jambs read, "Live in Fear" and "Die in Despair". Two cast owl figures, painted orange, line the inside of the entryway. There is an exit on the left side of the structure; the right side contains stained glass. At the rear of the structure sits a large red and purple winged demon, facing the entryway. The creature exhibits orange and green bulging eyes, an open mouth with white fangs revealed, and yellow drool. Filling the interior space of the structure are jugs, plants, lanterns, a donkey, and various other elements.


Above: Photo of the entrance

Above: Photo of interior

Above: Photo of exterior, side view