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The Sun and the Seasons
...some activities you can do

sun number one

Measure Tall Things.
Using the Sun you can measure the height of VERY TALL THINGS - anything that casts a shadow, like tall buildings, with nothing but a ruler and your mind! (OK, maybe with a calculator, too).

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measuring building height with the sun

sun number two

Track the Sun
Measure the angle of the Sun above the horizon, and see how it changes with the seasons.

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sun number three

Show the Seasons
Use Local Climatological Data
from the library (for example, the U.S.A.'s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's yearly summary) to make a monthly "snapshot" of the climate where you live.

Click here to learn how you can make the Sun Path Model!

path of the sun in spring and fall

sun number four

Calculate Your Ecological Footprint
Click here and fill in a very basic questionnaire to calculate your quick and relatively accurate Ecological Footprint for an person living anywhere in the world.

How do you use Nature?

sun number five

Understand Temperature Change
Make a graph of daily average temperatures for a year or two. Look them up in the Local Climatological Data. A graph showing temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere for two and a half years might have roughly this shape.

graph of yearly temperature changes

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