Manshire Eco-Village
East Troy, Wisconsin

Award: 5th Runnerup, Excellence in Design Awards 2004
Environmental Design and Construction Magazine

An ecological vision within the larger community...
The Fields Neighborhood Village is being created by Christopher Mann and Peter Scherrer. When it is complete, its 75 dwellings will be one part of an ecologically aware community that includes the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute (where Wisconsin farmers learn Bio-dynamic organic farming), the Lifeways Waldorf pre-school, the Nakomis organic bakery, and a community center, all close to two East Troy public schools and a small business district.

Green Courts and 'skinny streets'
Both the homes and the grounds will have a European quality, clustered around safe, narrow streets and laced with walking paths and trails. Each phase will have at it's center a green court, and residents of the tall six-unit buildings will have expansive views of the fields and land conservancy beyond, over the top of the earth-sheltered duplex units. There will be a mix of condominiums, single-family houses and duplex units, all energy-efficient (with passive & active solar systems) and built 'green' with low-toxin, environmentally safe materials. Design Coalition is designing the buildings and site layout. The planning team also includes leading landscape planners Atelier Dreiseitl of Hamburg, Germany.

Flow Forms
It's not an exaggeration to state that the quality of life depends on the quality of water. Development can seriously harm water quality, by decreasing porous recharge areas and by introducing pollutants. Here, rain water will be absorbed by abundant deep-rooted native plant species. Water from the catchment pond will be directed through Flow Forms to infiltration beds and wetlands before finding it's way to Honey Creek. Flow Forms are beautiful sculptural shapes that aerate and purify water. These 'water sculptures' were first created by John Wilkes and are used extensively by Herbert Dreisitl in his landscape designs.

"Many 'natural disasters', such as floods, landslides, erosion and other changes such as loss of biodiversity, aquifer depletion and climatic change can be traced to our failure to understand the ecology of water." Patchett & Wilhelm, The Ecology and Culture of Water


Above: Site Plan

6-Unit, from the south   Duplex, from the east

Above Left: View of the six unit condominium building.

Above Right: View of the duplex.

Click here to see more renderings of the Manshire Eco-Village.

For more information about Fields Neighborhood Village, contact Christopher Mann at or Peter Scherrer at or 262.767.2700.

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