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  "Book Review: Scientists, experts, and civic engagement: walking a fine line." (DOWNLOAD Article: 124K pdf)

Authors: S. Thering
Journal: Journal of Environmental Studies & Sciences
Publisher & Date: Springer, 2017

Abstract: Scientists, Experts, and Civic Engagement: Walking a Fine Line is a timely introduction to a scholarly approach to civic engagement that, even as the demands of sustainability necessitate its application, remains controversial, i.e. place-based action-research. The chapters in this edited volume collectively exemplify this approach, as each author shares their intentions, as well as the processes and outcomes, of their work in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Landscape Journal logo   "The Scholarship of Transdisciplinary Action Research:
Toward a New Paradigm for the Planning and Design Professions" (DOWNLOAD Article: 110K pdf)

Authors: S. Thering and V. Chance
Journal: Landscape Journal
Publisher & Date: University of Wisconsin Press, 2011

Abstract: The authors describe a scholarly practice of transdisciplinary action research (TDAR). Includes a qualitative meta-analysis of eight case studies. The conclusions propose a research paradigm that responds to the complexities and multiplicity of scales of sustainability.

JOE logo   "A Practical Theory-Based Approach to Action Research
in Survivor Communities" (DOWNLOAD Article: 210K pdf)

Author: S. Thering
Journal: Journal of Extension
Publisher & Date: US Cooperative Extension Service, 2007

Abstract: This article draws on field reports to describe communities living with repercussions of traumatic historical events as "Survivor Communities." Findings suggest these communities may be identified by their capacity to imagine a better future and that this capacity is measurable. Includes ideas for innovative approaches to program evaluation.

Landscape Journal logo   "A Methodology for a Scholarship of Transdisciplinary Action Research in the Design Professions: Lessons from an Indian Country Initiative" (DOWNLOAD Article: 175K pdf)

Author: S. Thering
Journal: Landscape Journal
Publisher & Date: University of Wisconsin Press, 2011

Abstract: This article describes an innovative approach to transdisciplinary action research (TDAR). It explains a grounded theory approach to developing reliable protocols and practical guidelines for TDAR collaborations. A case study and examples from the Green Communities and Green Affordable Housing in Indian Country Initiative illustrate the usefulness of this methodology.

JOHEOE logo   "Loose Lug Nuts, Lobbed Beer Bottles, and Buckets of Crawdads: Reflecting on Questions of Race and Class Uncovered through Cross-Cultural Transdisciplinary Action-Research Partnerships" (DOWNLOAD Article: 175K pdf)

Author: S. Thering
Journal: Journal of Higher Education Outreach & Engagement
Publisher & Date: University of Georgia, 2010

Abstract: This essay narrates the author’s ongoing journey from a vague detached historical awareness to a more nuanced understanding of the multiple and intersecting dimensions of race and class. The essay flashes forward and back, recalling events that took place over years of coordinating action-research partnerships. Includes recommendations for university outreach programs.

Landscape Journal logo   "Theory And Practice In Sustainability:
Building A Ladder Of Community Focused Education and Outreach" (DOWNLOAD Scan of print article: 1.2 M pdf)

Authors: S. Thering and C. Doble
Journal: Landscape Journal
Publisher & Date: University of Wisconsin Press, 2000

Abstract: Investigating the links between the emergence of the idea of “sustainability” and the rise of “participatory processes” in community planning and design offers an collaborative approach for developing and assessing programs and approaches to education, outreach, and professional practice.

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